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Aromaganic vs Supermarket Products

Aromaganic vs Supermarket Products

If you’re spending $200+ at the salons and then you go home and use your $5 shampoo, you’re kinda throwing your money and hair down the drain…take care of those hairs fam! Most shampoos + conditioners act as a bandaid and provide a temporary fix, so your hair appears to feel really soft and silky. Which it might, but it isn’t your hair that feels silky! It’s actually the layer of silicone that coats the top of your hair that makes it feel silky. In reality, this layer is drying your hair out because no proteins or moisture can get to your hair.

At the end of the day, you spend a lot of money to colour, cut and care for your hair. Reminder, this is the crown we never take off. Treat it like royalty and don’t opt for what’s convenient when it comes to the products in your home regimen. The best part is you’re also supporting your stylist and their salon!

When putting yourself as a priority, NEVER skimp on self- care. Elevate your self-care routine with Aromaganic. Aromaganic products are made with the user in mind. Enhancing your self-care by delighting your senses. Feel good and love your hair. Indulge in the scents that immediately transform your space into a spa-esque environment.

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