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Hair oils your hair NEEDS!

Hair oils your hair NEEDS!

Whatever hair type you may have, it is essential that you are providing your hair with the moisture it needs. Using essential oils in your hair regime can help strengthen, grow, and protect your hair.
Best oil to treat dandruff and dry scalp: Jojoba Oil
Jojoba seeds comes from the Jojoba shrub that is native to South-western North America and Mexico. Its essential oil can moisturise hair, prevent hair loss, treat dandruff, prevent frizzy hair and help maintain hair colour.
Jojoba oil is best for curly, tight textured hair.
Oil for dry and dull hair: Olive Oil
Olives are a fruit that come from an Olive tree native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. Olive oil has many benefits for hair including softening the scalp, treating dandruff, improving hair strength and shine and removing split ends.
Olive oil is also rich in Vitamin E and helps to treat UV damage and damage caused by dry locks.
Oil best for oily scalp: Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree belongs to the Myrtle family and is native to Australia. Tea tree oil can encourage hair growth and stop hair loss. It can also treat dandruff and itchy scalps. Tea tree oil works to balance the scalp’s natural sebum or oil creation with its natural anti-bacterial properties. By cleansing and disinfecting the scalp it unclogs blocked follicles and creates the foundation for a healthier scalp and hair growth.

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